Here Is An "I Love My Job" Company Love Story!

This is a tale about a rapidly growing software company who found a hiring solution with South Hills trained programming graduates

Meet Joe Merrill, managing partner of PS Solutions. A locally based, rapidly growing software development company. Hear why he loves to hire South Hills graduates.

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Alan Aumiller

Web Developer, PA House Democratic Information Technologies
Software Development & Programming
Class of 2020

My job with the PA House Democratic Information Technologies grants me the opportunity to utilize my development and artistic skills to build and maintain websites that benefit citizens all across Pennsylvania. Recently, we began returning to the office, which is located just under the dome in the Capitol building in Harrisburg. Being able to walk into that building and work with like-minded, outstanding people is an incredible experience. I love my job because I am a part of a great team, I am using my skills to do great things, and I am doing it all inside of an architectural masterpiece! Shout out to South Hills for starting me on this amazing journey.


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