South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Spring 2021 Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Spring 2021 Dean’s List

Campus LocationStudent NameProgram of Study
State CollegeAdewumi, OlorunsegunMedical Coding & Billing
AltoonaBakhsheshe, AaronInformation Technology
State CollegeBarron, AdamInformation Technology
State CollegeBearley, KristenDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBechdel, CarsonGraphic Arts
AltoonaBem, MichelleBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeBenner, AmandaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBennett, AlyssaAdministrative Professional
State CollegeBenson, PattiMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeBianconi, DanessaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaBickel, VirginiaHealth Information Technology
AltoonaBlack, GavinInformation Technology
State CollegeBlackburn, ErinSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeBrennan, KelseyDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeBrindley, ClarisaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeBrown, BriannaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBurchell, AlyssaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeCampbell, AlexaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeCampbell, EmmaleeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeCandelaria, WilliamGraphic Arts
AltoonaCastillo, EricaMedical Assistant
State CollegeClark, JustinInformation Technology
AltoonaClear, CoraHealth Information Technology
State CollegeClevenger, JessicaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaConnacher, NathanSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeCorbin, LakenDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeCrawford, RobinAdministrative Professional
State CollegeDale, AbigailCriminal Justice
AltoonaDeBernardis, AustinSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeDelorme, DevinBusiness Administration - Accounting
AltoonaDobransky, JasonInformation Technology
AltoonaDonnelly, ShaneBusiness Admin - Accounting
AltoonaDuclo, BenjaminInformation Technology
AltoonaDuclo, TaylorBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeDutrow, ErynMedical Assistant
State CollegeEckenroth, JoshlynnCriminal Justice
State CollegeEhrmann, FalleciaCriminal Justice
State CollegeEichelberger, AndreaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeEisenhower, ConnorAdministrative Professional
State CollegeElliott, AnthonyInformation Technology
State CollegeErb, MakaylaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaFabian, JudyHealth Information Technology
State CollegeFernandez, MoryelleEngineering Technology
AltoonaFlick, JoshuaInformation Technology
State CollegeFolmar, GabrialDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeFrancis, MyaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeFrank, KristinaAdministrative Professional
State CollegeFults, CoreySoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaGarcia Ortega, JoseBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
AltoonaGarner, AndrewInformation Technology
State CollegeGilbert, AdisynDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeGordon, JessicaInformation Technology
State CollegeGormont, OliviaMedical Assistant
AltoonaGoss, ScottInformation Technology
State CollegeHaines, RobertBusiness Admin - Accounting
State CollegeHale, FeleciaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHalfen, GraceDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
State CollegeHamer, EmilyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHarpster, DeanaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeHarpster, MorganMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeHeidel, DavidGraphic Arts
State CollegeHenley, OliviaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHensler, ClaudiaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHetzendorf, AbbygailDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
State CollegeHoke, JennaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHromnak, NathanielDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeJacobs, ReeseDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeJohns, TammyMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeJohnson, LindseyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeJolly, JacobEngineering Technology
State CollegeKamora, LogynDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeKauffman, ReneeMedical Assistant
AltoonaKibler, TammyBusiness Admin - Accounting
State CollegeKinley, DesireeAdministrative Professional
State CollegeKline, AmandaDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
State CollegeKnable, EthanSoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaKnisley, MadisonMedical Assistant
State CollegeKolonina, AnnaCriminal Justice
State CollegeKuhlman, HeatherDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeLadrido, AndrewSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeLandis, DanielBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeLefevre, JarredCriminal Justice
State CollegeLehman, LindseyMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeLenker, CarissaBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeLevelle, AutumnCriminal Justice
State CollegeLimegrover, AnnMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeLong, ToryDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeLucchesi, SalinaDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
AltoonaLuther, GeraldineBusiness Admin - Accounting
AltoonaLykens, WilliamInformation Technology
State CollegeMaggs, JosephDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMangiaruga, EmmaDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
AltoonaManker, KatrinaHealth Information Technology
State CollegeMcGarvey, RachelDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaMcMullen, CarolynBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeMichael, JoshuaSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeMichrina, CourtneyDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeMiller, GraceBusiness Admin - Accounting
State CollegeMiller, HeatherMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeMiller, ShaynaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMistretta, AbigailDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMitchell, MakaylaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMuck, AmyMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeMurphy, KelleyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMyers, SamanthaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeNeff, HannahDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaNiebauer, JulieBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeNyquist, EvanBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
AltoonaPratt, DarianBusiness Admin - Accounting
State CollegeQuirin, KristaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeRandolph, EricaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeRayner, CorrinaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeReed, DanielleDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
State CollegeRichner, RonaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeRider, EmilyDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeRobertson, BrandonMedical Coding & Billing
AltoonaRose, IsaiahNO MAJOR
State CollegeRoyer, AbigailDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeRugh, KelsieDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeRummel, LannaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaRyder, MaryLouMedical Assistant
State CollegeSchuster, EmilyBusiness Administration - Accounting
AltoonaScott, HeatherMedical Assistant
State CollegeShipley, CandaceAdministrative Professional
State CollegeSinger, MaraMedical Assistant
State CollegeSkipper, KateBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
AltoonaSmith, JessalynBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
AltoonaSmith, KaileeMedical Assistant
State CollegeSnejko, VilliGraphic Arts
State CollegeSnook, JoshuaCriminal Justice
State CollegeSnyder, MarkEngineering Technology
AltoonaSornson, AnnBusiness Admin - Accounting
State CollegeSpennati, BlakeCriminal Justice
State CollegeSpinelli, RachelBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeStahlman, HarleyBusiness Admin - Accounting
AltoonaStrayer, GingerHealth Information Technology
State CollegeSunderland, JoEngineering Technology
AltoonaTinker, SamuelInformation Technology
State CollegeTreaster, SarenaGraphic Arts
State CollegeWaite, KayleighDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaWalker, TaylorMedical Assistant
State CollegeWalker, MalleryEngineering Technology
AltoonaWatson, SamuelInformation Technology
AltoonaWay, VictoriaHealth Information Technology
State CollegeWeaver, EmilyMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeWebb, NadiaCriminal Justice
AltoonaWeld, JessicaMedical Assistant
State CollegeWenrick, ValerieGraphic Arts
State CollegeWerner, TaylorDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
AltoonaWeyandt, BethanyMedical Assistant
State CollegeWiggins, RachelDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeWilson, AlexanderDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeWitmer, TrinityDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaWolk, JakobInformation Technology
State CollegeZhang, FanBusiness Admin - Accounting

Don’t See Your Name?
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